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Heart Urn Bracelet - Aquamarine Sapphire Crystal - Memorial Keepsake - Cremation Heart Urn Jewelry, Ash Holder for Human/Pet ashes Urn Gift

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"Embrace Eternal Memories with our Heart Urn Bracelet - Elegant Aquamarine Sapphire Crystal Keepsake"

**Product Description:**

Honor the enduring spirit of your loved one with our Heart Urn Bracelet, a sublime memorial keepsake adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals. Crafted in 14k White Gold Vermeil, this exquisite piece holds a profound significance, serving as a discreet and elegant vessel for the ashes of your cherished one.

What is gold Vermeil : Gold vermeil is a jewelry finish with a thick layer of gold (at least 2.5 microns) over a base metal, often sterling silver. This provides a durable and affordable alternative to solid gold, mimicking its luxurious appearance. Gold vermeil is more resistant to tarnishing than regular gold-plated jewelry, offering a balance between quality and cost. Careful maintenance is still necessary to preserve its longevity.

**Key Features:**
- **Material:** Crafted in 14k White Gold Vermeil, authenticated with a 925 Stamp.
- **Adjustable Size:** Accommodates wrists up to 7 inches; additional links available for $29.99.
- **Tear Drop Urn Design:** A symbol of eternal love and remembrance.
- **Genuine Swarovski Crystals:** Infuses brilliance and radiance into the memorial keepsake.
- **Non-Refundable:** Ensuring the sanctity and uniqueness of your cherished memories.

**Why Choose This Bracelet:**
This unique bracelet is more than a piece of jewelry; it is a profound tribute to the memories you hold dear. The tear drop urn design symbolizes eternal love, and the genuine Swarovski crystals bring a touch of brilliance, offering solace during moments of reflection.

**Certified Quality:**
We prioritize authenticity and quality, evident in the 925 stamp and 14k white gold vermeil craftsmanship. The bracelet stands as a symbol of enduring love and remembrance, a lasting connection to your beloved.

**Adjustable Size:**
Designed for your comfort, the bracelet is adjustable up to 7 inches. Additional links can be added for a larger size, available at a nominal cost of $29.99.

Elevate your style while preserving the cherished memories of your loved one or pet with our Tear Drop Urn Bracelet. Order this extraordinary memorial keepsake today and carry the essence of your beloved discreetly and elegantly.

- Heart Urn Bracelet
- Aquamarine Sapphire Crystal
- Memorial Keepsake
- Swarovski Crystal Jewelry
- Cremation Bracelet
- Ash Holder Keepsake
- 14k White Gold Vermeil
- Tear Drop Urn Design
- Non-Refundable
- Adjustable Bracelet Size