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MindSight Gems

Rare & Exquisite pink morganite diamond pendant w/ stunning unique Swarovski crystal chain, detachable pendant design w/ adjustable length

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Because of the item being so unique and rare this order comes fully insured w/ secured hand delivery by carrier w mandatory signature required…. So shop with peace of mind 🙌🏽🥰

One of a kind rare custom designed detachable exquisite evening necklace. Want to make a statement ? This will do it.
Accompanied with a rare pink crystal also custom made that shines brighter than a diamond

The pendant is removable, you can wear the necklace with or without the charm. You can also replace or add more charms if you like, simply unscrew the carabiner lock to release the charm. So many ways to wear this beautiful necklace!!!

Great for layering as well..!

Material: Genuine 925 stamped sterling silver with pure rhodium added for a lifetime of 14k white gold shine and will never fade.

Gemstone: VVS soft pink Morganite crystal lab grown Diamond

Chain Length: approx 22 adjustable custom lab grown unique crustal chain unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

go ahead look anywhere and everywhere for something like it
No one will be able to match our price. Often people even buy from us and resell it because it’s such a rare product.

Perfect gift for bridal jewelry
Anniversary gift
Birthday gift for her
Valentine’s Day
Wedding gift

Not refundable as we will include a appraisal document in your name as given on shipping label


Your jewelry will arrive carefully packaged in beautiful box.