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How do I keep my Jewlery from tarnishing ?

How do I keep my Jewlery from tarnishing ?

Don't fret - a little tarnishing overtime is normal! Use our jewelry polishing cloth (can be purchased on our page for only $6.99 ) to buff away any dullness and bring it back to shine. It’s worth keeping a professional polishing cloth around. 

If your piece is sterling silver base, sterling silver naturally oxdizes, especially if you are not wearing it. The oils in our skin naturally keeps it from turning. Simply use a polishing cloth or cream, and give your piece a wipe, and that should go away immediately and restore back to its shine.

For our 18K Gold Plated pieces, we do put a heavy amount of gold on each piece to make sure they last as long as possible. Depending on one's wear, if you want them to be repolished and replated, we can do that for you. A replating fee is charged because we have to replate it with real gold back on your jewelry. The processing time is roughly 2-3 weeks.

Make sure to store your piece in a Mindsight Gems pouch or jewelry case for safe-keeping when you're not wearing it.