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Urn Jewelry Breathtakingly Beautiful Custom Unique Tear Drop Urn Bracelet w/ Swarovski Crystals - Ash Holder Memorial Keepsake Jewelry Urns

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- "Unique Tear Drop Urn Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals - Ash Holder Memorial Keepsake"

**Product Description:**

Carry the memory of your loved one or pet with you always with our unique Tear Drop Urn Bracelet. This stunning piece is a discreet and elegant way to keep the ashes of someone dear to you, and its sparkling Swarovski crystals make it a breathtaking keepsake that will leave others in awe.

**Key Features:**
- Material: 14k White Gold Vermeil
- Stamped for Authenticity: 925
- Adjustable Bracelet Size (up to 7 inches)
- Additional Links Available for an extra $29.99
- Unique Tear Drop Urn Design
- Genuine Swarovski Crystals
- Non-Refundable

Why Choose This Bracelet:
This bracelet is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a meaningful and beautiful way to keep the memory of your loved one close to your heart. The Swarovski crystals provide a dazzling shine that will make you feel connected to your loved one and bring a sense of peace during difficult times. Whether it's for the ashes of a loved one or a beloved pet, this design is both discreet and elegant.

Certified Quality:
We've ensured the highest quality for this bracelet by stamping it with 925 for authenticity and crafting it with 14k white gold vermeil. This bracelet is a lasting tribute to your loved one. Please note that this unique piece is non-refundable, as it holds the precious memories of your dear one.

Adjustable Size:
The bracelet is designed to fit up to 7 inches, and for your convenience, additional links can be added for a larger size, available for a small additional cost of $29.99.

Elevate your style and cherish the memory of your loved one or pet with our Tear Drop Urn Bracelet. Order this unique memorial keepsake today and keep your cherished memories close, discreetly and elegantly.

- Tear Drop Urn Bracelet
- Swarovski Crystal Bracelet
- Ash Holder Jewelry
- Memorial Keepsake
- Cremation Bracelet
- Ashes of Loved One or Pet
- Discreet and Elegant Design
- 14k White Gold Vermeil
- 925 Stamped for Authenticity
- Non-Refundable
- Adjustable Bracelet Size
- Additional Links Available