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MindSight Gems

10k Real Gold Real Diamond Jewelry, Gift for Women - Custom Name Pendant, Gift for Her/His Birthday, Personalized Name Pendant, Customized

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Please call or text us if you want a personalized quote for a custom order 
transparency is important and so is clear communication when making custom piece we look forward to crafting a beautiful work of art for you 

972 922 1605

**Discover Your Perfect Name Pendant**

Welcome to the ultimate collection of personalized name pendants! Here, your name becomes a stunning work of art, handcrafted to perfection in 10k solid gold and adorned with real diamonds. We take pride in offering you the largest selection of custom-made name necklaces, all at the most affordable prices in the market.

**Name Pendant Details**
- **Material:** Crafted with care using 10k solid gold, a symbol of enduring elegance.
- **Diamond Brilliance:** Each pendant is embellished with real diamonds, adding a touch of radiance and Elegance
- **All-Natural:** Our commitment to authenticity shines through with all-natural diamonds, embodying their genuine beauty.
- **Personalized Perfection:** Your name, whether it's Brianna, gloria, amber, Diana, Jenny, courtney, Tiffany, Tammy, Jessica, regina, sandy, destiny, Angela, Wendy, ruth, Jackie, Juana, Mary,nancy, Sara, Angie, April, crystal, Megan, angel, Laura, Jasmin, Erica, Patricia, Kim, Breanna, mimi, Ciara, Kisha, Alexandria, Kayla, Serena, Kiara, Alex, Alexia, Jose, Bella, Tyrone, Makayla, slim, Jordan, Debra, Kiki , or any of the others in our collection, will be artfully engraved into the pendant, creating a one-of-a-kind accessory.

**Why Choose Our Name Pendants?**
Each name holds a special place in your heart, and our pendants are designed to capture that sentiment. Whether you're treating yourself or someone dear to you, our personalized name necklaces are perfect for:

**Gift-Giving:** Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or milestones with a meaningful and custom-made present.

**Self-Expression:** Wear your name with pride, showcasing your individuality and unique style.

**Cherished Moments:** Preserve memories with a name pendant that signifies love, friendship, and shared experiences.

**Customization Process**
1. **Choose Your Name:** Browse our extensive list and find the name that resonates with you.
2. **Expert Craftsmanship:** Our skilled artisans meticulously create your pendant, setting each diamond by hand.
3. ** Checkout and get your beautiful name shipped fast. Made in Texas! Made in USA!

**Packaging & Shipping**
Your name pendant will arrive in an elegant box, ready to dazzle. We offer swift and secure shipping to ensure your pendant reaches you in pristine condition. All orders on custom name necklaces come with a free appraisal.

**Quality Assurance**
Rest assured that your pendant is made with love and adheres to the highest quality standards. We are committed to your satisfaction. That is why our communication is priority when a custom order is placed. Because of the customization of the pendant, this order is not refundable but if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us. If you look at our reviews you will see that all of our customers love doing business with us.

Embrace the beauty of your identity within of our Name Pendant. It's not just jewelry; it's a testament to your unique journey. Order now and experience the elegance of personalized Sophistication!

Free appraisal with this order
All diamonds are real diamonds
All gold is solid gold NOT Plated

******Chain sold separately ********

If buying chain
1.5mm diamond cut rope chain bestseller
10k solid gold
20 inch

********Custom orders are not refundable nor can be exchanged so please ask any questions if you have any **********